Update: 528Hz Gardens Indoor – Transplanting Seedlings to Their New Homes


As you can see our seedlings have progressed nicely since our last blog post. These super wide and bushy leaves are the defining characteristic of cannabis indica. Originally from high mountain ranges, indica varieties grow perfectly in our indoor grow facility, which is nestled in the foothills of a breathtaking mountain range in Southern Oregon. Our indoor indica varieties – which will be ready in Spring of 2021, just in time for 4/20 – include Cookies, Slurricane, Terple 2.0, Minties, GSC and Double Cross.


Sativas take much longer to flower than indicas because they are originally from tropical climates near the equator where the length of day vs. night remains relatively the same. Cannabis plants go into flower when they sense their night cycle being longer than their day cycle, and growing sativas indoors is a fun challenge as they tend to be taller and lankier than their indica cousins. Our indoor sativas are going in right alongside our indoor indicas, and this year’s varieties include Thor’s Hammer, Sunburn, Silver Sorbet, Blue Dream and Hawaiian Punch. We’re hoping some of these will also be ready for the 4/20 holiday, stay tuned for updates!