We Are Super Excited for the 2024 Season!!

With over 30 years of growing experience we have refined our methods to produce a top-quality product by focusing on growing organic, biodynamic and sustainable cannabis. At 528Hz Gardens, we start with selecting the finest genetics, based on the highest quality, with terpene profiles selected for taste and scent. We have achieved a living soil food web which produces buds packed with essential oils. The results are rich flowers with great structure, scent and a smooth flavor that provides an excellent long lasting effect.

Cannabis Indica


Cannabis Sativa


Cannabis Hybrid


Full Spectrum Vape Carts

For our vape carts we always begin with whole flower, as opposed to using just leaf trim. This allows the terps in our carts to be off the charts, meaning you get amazing flavor with each and every inhale. At 528Hz Gardens we grow the three main varieties of cannabis, which are indicas, sativas, and a blend of both, which are known as hybrids. Because we grow so many different strains, we separate these three different varieties at our processing facility, allowing us to create the ultimate vape cart experience.


Award-Winning Cannabis Flower

What sets our flower apart is the living soil it’s professionally raised in. Cannabis plants are only as good as the medium they’re grown in, and the more biodynamic and alive the medium, the more potent and flavorful the resulting cannabis flower will be. At 528Hz Gardens we don’t believe in cutting corners at any stage of the growing process, whether it’s the living soil we use to begin our flowers’ journey or the state-of-the-art curing facility we use to end the journey. We are constantly checking our plants for any deviation from absolute perfection during the growing cycle, and we know you’ll be able to feel and taste the results of our dedication.

Our cannabis flower is available in bulk, as well as our Happy Packs pre-packaged eighths and our Happy Sticks pre-rolls. Ask for us at your favorite cannabis dispensary today.

We’re always on the search for ways to increase our trichome count in all our flower.

528Hz Gardens Happy Dabs

We have the perfect line of dabs for all you dabbers out there. Just like with our vape carts, we separate our dabs into indica, sativa and hybrid. This gives you options, and who doesn’t like options? Sometimes you just need that strong indica body effect after a long day of physical exertion. Or perhaps you’ve got a day of creative projects ahead, in which case you’ll love our sativa dabs. Or maybe you have a dab party coming up at your pad, in which case you’d want to definitely include our hybrid dabs. Whatever your needs, you can dab with confidence, knowing that all of our Happy Dabs are pesticide free and full spectrum.