528Hz Gardens 2021 Indoor


It’s cold and wintery here at our recreational cannabis farm in Southern Oregon, with all of our 2020 outdoor bagged and tagged for the season. Just after the December 2020 winter solstice, according to our planting calendar, we planted our new seeds for our upcoming 2021 indoor crop, which will be ready sometime in early spring. Rather than use the weakened genetics that clones provide, we always begin our crops with the strongest genetics possible, which means growing from seed. With the advanced technology available from cannabis testing labs these days, it’s now possible to determine male plants from female plants much earlier in the growing cycle. This allows us to plant freely knowing we’re not at risk for a male plant to reach maturity unless we want it to, so we may use its pollen to cross with a female plant of our choice.

It’s an exciting time in the growing process, having all these wonderful baby plants that we know will eventually become huge sticky monsters. Stay tuned for updates on this process, including the ratio of how many male plants we find compared to female plants.